Monday, 22 July 2013


I knew it would be another quiet week
so why not try out some stitches
from old, old, instruction sheets.

Monday it was a stitch called Sprat's Head
described as tailor's finishes that could be useful in embroidery.
Tuesday was thanks to Rachael who did a piece of needle weaving.
On the left is a lace filling basically twisted buttonhole.
Next is a knotted buttonhole
and on the right is Ceylon stitch that ends up looking like knitting.

Wednesday is called Sword Edging Stitch
a good cruciform shape.
Then I tried a Portuguese knotted stem stitch
quite nice but time consuming.

Found this
seemed appropriate
There was a time I thought of doing a heraldic type piece
of symbols for my three boys.
Never went anywhere with it.

Saturday was for playing with Siennese stitch
on Sunday Crested Chain stitch
a tough, tough stitch that I won't be using again!

Have a nice week.


  1. Portuguese Knotted Stem stitch is one of my favourites - it makes a wonderfully textured line.

    I like your needle-lace, too - the variegated threads give it a new dimension, don't they!

  2. It's so fun to see all the stitches you are trying. I really like those triangles...the Sprat's Head.

  3. I love the ceylon stitch in the variegated thread. It really does look like knitting, doesn't it? You're making me want to stretch my stitching muscles too :)

  4. How fun to make scratchings of scratchings and learning new-to-you stitches. They're lovely.

  5. I tend to repeat the same easy stitches in every piece I make, but your testing has given me a 'itch' to try something new. I love the Ceylon stitch!


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