Friday, 22 March 2013

Springtime Travellers

They're back!
Waddling around 
under a bright afternoon sun

Gorging after their long journey.
But since taking these snapshots
they must be having second thoughts
'cos we're deep in snow again.

Those who hung around all winter
are forming into welcome home parties

under the shade of Diane's Rhododendron
a handsome pheasant ignores all the excitement


  1. Lovely sentinels of spring to come!

  2. We've got snow again, too... Strange weather!

  3. Our resident flock of geese has returned too and wake us up in the morning with all their discussion about what they plan to do for the day. We had one lonely goose that stayed all winter and spent a lot of it beneath our balcony window looking for fallout from the birdfeeder...or from handouts from us.


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