Monday, 18 February 2013

Three Bears

It;s amazing what you'll find when you go rummaging around in boxes.
Some of you might recognize these from years ago.

Bears adorned in stitches

glittery things

and silk ribbon

with feet that wouldn't set foot on the ground!

Sometimes I preferred unadorned.
Along with the bears I found the boys' baby memories
school homework
and sports paraphernalia.
So much fun rummaging around in the basement!


  1. They are beautiful!! I love all the intricate stitching - I don't believe I've ever seen bears so beautifully decorated.

  2. Very sweet, penny and VERY beautiful! Those are looker-atters, not play-withers!we have so many memories in our basement too and they are all crying out to see the light of day again some day very soon!

  3. What a threesome, one more gorgeous than the other!
    Memories in the basement...I am not sure that I want to go through them.

  4. Beautiful Beautiful Bears!! And sweet memories to boot!

  5. Theyre way too yummy to be alone in any basement!

  6. Ha ! Daily Scratching Bears !

  7. They need to be on hand to be given big hugs now and again!!

    x C

  8. They are lovely - you must have a basement full of beautiful things!

  9. ooooh - my crazy quilted bear (that resides on our bed) should come and visit your bears. Just think of the fun they'd have! (btw - did you know what a gathering of teddy bears is called? A 'hug'! Fitting, don't you think?)


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