Monday 19 July 2010

Photographing texture

I am a member of a small group of fibre artists called Loose threads. We regularly set ourselves tasks or challenges and this month it was photographing texture. Normally I would have sought out textures in the woods around me; but I forced myself to move out of my comfort zone and aim my camera at some man made texture. Once you start walking up main street focused on finding textures, it is amazing how many surfaces start jumping out at you. Never go anywhere without a camera! Of these six I have two favourites, one from a rusting old boat and the other from a lichen covered rock. It is a good idea to walk a different path sometimes....we might surprise ourselves!

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  1. Hi Penny
    Congratulations with your new blog! I met you the week you were photographing LINE! And wished I could see more of your work. Now with your blog I will.

    I truly love your work. Keep posting!

    Kathy Parsons

  2. Thanks Kathy....Let's hope I can do a good job!


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