Monday, 16 July 2018

Cloth of Time Before the Opening

Judy's Ned and the gallery's Nick had oh, so much fun
climbing up ladders and stretching up to ceilings!

Handy Hubby made an easy job of hanging my work
and then drove the 2 1/2 hours back to the Rusty Pups.
Me, I stayed in Halifax to spend time with
All such dear friends.

I know there is not much to see in this picture
I just like the drama of it!

It took 12 strong bags to bring the rocks here.
I have to say Handy Hubby did not approve!
He thought I was crazy!
but me....I think it was worth it.

I did enjoy having the opportunity again to really
look at Daily Scratchings

Once the show was hung Judy and I
had the opportunity to spend some time alone
in the gallery.
A special time for us to celebrate and enjoy
bringing our journals together.

Criss Cross had to be arranged differently this time.

Not To Know But To Go On
Hangs in wonderful loops
through the centre of the Mary E Black gallery

I did enjoy looking through those loops....

.....and seeing the rest of our beautiful show!
Congratulations Judy!


  1. Yes, that's a very dramatic shot - and yes, definitely, it was a good idea to bring the rocks with you!

  2. Looks fabulous,clever you.

  3. What a beautiful display. I would love to see this in person

  4. Wonderful exhibition, Penny !!! (and the others !)
    I think it's worth it too, all those rocks (but ... I can imagine Hubby complained a bit !
    Have a good time there together !

  5. This is awesome! The rocks definitely work to help people make connections.
    I love all the repetitions in both works. It will be hard for visitors not to rub hands over them!

  6. Hope to get to the gallery tomorrow. I met you when you had just begun your daily scratchings. So intriguing..

  7. Challenged by a Saskatchewan Fibre artist, Anna Hergert, I did a daily piece of art for one year two by three inches. I love how you connected yours all together.

  8. Wow, certainly an impact I wish I could 'see it in the flesh'. Congratulations.

  9. I loved looking at the work that you (and Judy) are exhibiting. Such a beautiful exhibition of your ongoing art. Thank you for posting.

  10. I would say that congratulations are due to Penny too!!! This looks absolutely magical and how I wish I could be there to see it in person. Congratulations to both of you - your work is amazing.

  11. The exhibition looks stunning, how exciting for you to see your work on display like that.


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