Monday, 9 July 2018

Circling The Mind

This piece is in my hands again after a long break.
An important break.
In the beginning it was simply a big circle of a rock
resting at sunrise or sunset
if life is a circle
perhaps it is more.
Perhaps it is a life
split into the person we are in public
and the one we keep for when we are home alone in familiar surroundings.

There again if a story is a circle
Perhaps it is a life circle
filling up with a thousand small stories....

....Small stories that make up all our lives.
Stories that rest on the foundation of our life experiences.

I have been told several times in my life
that my fascination with rocks
is from a need for a solid foundation
which I picture could be both physical and mental and emotional.

And then a circle, or a rock, or a life, or a stitching
always has a hidden side
a side that to me is less perfect
more spontaneous
and therefore more beautiful.

Talking of life circles
I do hope we have filled the Rusty Pup lives with rich stories.
Rusty Pup Shandy still jumps into the car
but Rusty Pup Kayla waits patiently for a helping hand.
Just after taking this photo I stumbled
trying to lift her into the car and we both nearly ended up
head over tail in the dust.
Made me realize how trusting she is.

I hope your life is full of many stories.


  1. beautiful work to return to, have a wonderful opening this weekend!

  2. It's always good to have an old friend back in your life.

  3. first I'm glad you are ok. Nothing wrong with a strong foundation, ass usual I love your work

  4. Those beautiful, trusting Rusty Pups💖💖💖

  5. So nice to see a return to this creation because I'm sure you've missed it. So hard to come to grips with the fact that those wonderful Rusty Pups are aging. I just want to give them extra skritches and loves (and I know you already are).

  6. Thought provoking post Penny. xx


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