Monday, 9 July 2018

Circling The Mind

This piece is in my hands again after a long break.
An important break.
In the beginning it was simply a big circle of a rock
resting at sunrise or sunset
if life is a circle
perhaps it is more.
Perhaps it is a life
split into the person we are in public
and the one we keep for when we are home alone in familiar surroundings.

There again if a story is a circle
Perhaps it is a life circle
filling up with a thousand small stories....

....Small stories that make up all our lives.
Stories that rest on the foundation of our life experiences.

I have been told several times in my life
that my fascination with rocks
is from a need for a solid foundation
which I picture could be both physical and mental and emotional.

And then a circle, or a rock, or a life, or a stitching
always has a hidden side
a side that to me is less perfect
more spontaneous
and therefore more beautiful.

Talking of life circles
I do hope we have filled the Rusty Pup lives with rich stories.
Rusty Pup Shandy still jumps into the car
but Rusty Pup Kayla waits patiently for a helping hand.
Just after taking this photo I stumbled
trying to lift her into the car and we both nearly ended up
head over tail in the dust.
Made me realize how trusting she is.

I hope your life is full of many stories.

Sunday, 8 July 2018

When One Thing Leads To Another

Daily Scratchings 2012-2015

Community Conversations 2017

It was a while back now that I heard from an old friend
Fay is a Registered Expressive Arts Consultant/Educator
a marvellous storyteller and artist.
She wanted me to know that my 'Daily Scratchings' had inspired a community project hosted by Visible Voices Open Arts Studio in Halliburton, Ontario
called Community Conversations.

Participants learnt various techniques

even weaving.

With their new skills at hand everyone was invited to create a small piece of fibre art based the following conversation openers:
My 5 word life story ....
My grandmother used to say ....
When I was 7 I wanted to ....
My best friends would describe me as ....
The three most challenging parts of growing older are ....
The one thing I've learned is ....
What is important to me now is ....

The finished pieces were assembled into long panels
that now hang in a beautiful wooden display unit.

How amazing is that!