Monday, 25 June 2018

New Beginnings Times Three

As Stone Pathways and Daily Scratchings rest along one side of the table
awaiting installation at the Mary E Black gallery in July...

...In the little table space left I'm working on new beginnings.
More stones
It seems I am not through with stones yet.
I must have more to discover about them.

Another large piece of silk and linen
has been layered onto felted wool.
I believe this will be tree-like lines of stitch
growing out of.....stones.

And a third new beginning of silk on linen
has been layered onto a thin damask.
Don't yet know how I will treat this one.
I love that piece of natural dyed silk.
It was soaking in my stream so long that it has a few small frayed
holes that I might emphasize or do a little darning over.
The grey linen will of be stitched all over
but have to decide on whether to continue the markings from the silk
onto the linen
or whether I just stitch a simple repetitive mark.

A little bit of green and grey and red.
I have a thing about red flowers nowadays.
Perhaps a little bit of red will start appearing in my work.
You never know
It might be necessary one of these days.

I hope that if you love red...
...or even if you don't love it....
...that you will find a place for it in your studio today!


  1. I love red, seems to make things zing.

    1. Do you still have red down there now that Winter must be there?

  2. I went to a beach-side art show last week where an artist had a bunch of "Beach Peace" pictures matted and framed. The one that really popped was the one matted in red ... so yes, I quite agree that a bit of red in one's life can be a very good thing.

    1. A be achy art show and a bit of red....what more could one ask for!

  3. Actually I'm stuck on green at present - but that's the complementary of red, after all!

    1. I think it will be a long time before I get stuck on green!

  4. love the little stones too !
    and the ragged edge strips at the side are beautiful !

    What a bright red Begonie .... like a red poppy ;-)

    1. And I wish I had some bright red poppies. I should keep an eye out for some.

  5. So the new stones, or pebbles, are stitched over something? I can imagine all sorts of textures appearing with those, with all the textures of threads and yarns you could use.

    Love the Drunkard's Path of 'stones'....that is really how the quilt pattern should be, irregular!

    Mom told me, once, that a touch of red is important in all paintings. [can't remember the reason why, of course] [[mom was an art college grad, dad too]]

    1. They are just stitched onto the leftover strips of background fabrics used for Stone Pathways but apart from that there is nothing under each stone. I love that frayed drunkards path too!
      Now I know where all your talent came from!

  6. Looking forward to following your new projects. xx

  7. I love red, so it often appears in what I'm doing. I, for one, am glad that you're not quite done with stones!!

  8. oh that third photo! Love the piecing, patterning, shapes--everything!


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