Monday, 9 April 2018

In the Absence of Thread

 My thread order has arrived
Must say,  it's been fascinating watching it's progress
through the postal system
as it came northwards from Louisiana.

As I waited I worked on new beginnings.
Stitching together new pathways from scraps left over from
last year's stones.
Surprisingly the brown family of scraps seem to belong
with a few precious pieces of silk that I have been saving
for just the right opportunity.

And the greys seem to go perfectly with a couple of linens.

 One of last year's stones was cut out of a favourite grey silk.
I remember at the time being shocked that I would do such a thing.
Recently I came across the silk amidst the stone scraps
and was shocked once again to see a great big round hole in it!
So decided now is the time to honour it in it's entirety.
 I have been thinking a lot about darning and mending recently.
My initial thought was to just darn the hole
but then....

....I spied a square of ruching that has been looking for just the right home.
It fit perfectly over my stoney hole
and I like it.

Three new pieces to in their infancy.

But for now back to stitching Stone Pathway backgrounds.