Monday, 12 March 2018

Tiptoeing Around Some Old Favourites

Three done
Nine more to go

I am enjoying rediscovering old favourites
as I stitch around them.

Love this colouring in between the lines
Need to explore this style further I think.

Silk allows tiny stitches
and takes the natural dye so deliciously.

Last year with the birth of our second granddaughter
pink started appearing in my work with more regularity.
But, I am having problems with my eyes
and Handy Hubby assures me this one is actually peach!

Perhaps I had better start working in black and white!

This one makes me smile.
I imagine it as creature of some sort
wearing a sweatband.
Brings back the sixties in a flash!

Now I need to rush out and find some more
embroidery floss.
Each 'pathway' takes a bit more than two skeins!

I hope you can stitch to your hearts content today.

Monday, 5 March 2018

Drawing with Dots in Ink and Stitch

 On Saturday I took a break from wrapping the edges of Stone Pathways
to take a dot drawing workshop at University Sainte Anne
with John Browning.
Learning how other artists approach their work
and how they view the world around them
enriches my world.
By the way this 'drawing' is teeny tiny!
I found this way of drawing to be very meditative
and really enjoyed getting lost in the process.
Just like stitching

On Sunday I tested another background filler
with one of my old favourites....
....row upon irregular row of stab stitch.
Too busy for this particular piece.

Us stitchers use dots too!
I tested row upon row of lumpy dots
using the backstitch as opposed to running stitch.
I like how the backstitch sits proud of the fabric layers
as opposed to running stitch
which sinks in.

That's more like it
now, when I run my fingers over the cloth, I feel tiny little bumps
just like gravel on a pathway.
I think I have decided how to stitch the background
but, boy oh boy, that is a lot of stitching!
I found that wrapping the edge of each pathway
takes three hours.
Many, many more hours to go!