Monday, 19 February 2018

Thanking All Who Came To Our ARCAC Opening

Criss Cross
filled the small Mym Gallery

Turning corners

 Handy Hubby
reckoned his signature should adorn his skinny shelves!
What he did was really clever though.
He worked a groove through his tiny 3/4" square shelving strips.
The groove was slightly angled
so that each piece leaned against the wall.

We had been torn between leaving them as is
or painting them white.
I think we will paint them white for the show this summer
at the Mary E Black Gallery in Halifax.

Thank you everyone for coming out to the opening yesterday.
Mingling with friends and viewers and explaining your work
is such a different experience for someone like me
who spends so many solitary hours stitching, stitching, stitching.

When I am asked which is my favourite
I always say the circle on the right
then I see the two I created from my two year old grand baby's drawings.
So we are already collaborating!
Or then.... I spy
another one that could me my favourite.
I think what makes this an interesting collection of small pieces
is their differences
and how your eye is drawn from one to another.

 And congratulations to Sally O'Grady
whose colourful Annapolis Royal scenes
filled the Chapel Gallery.

Beautiful work.

You can see both our shows
Louise Williams' drawings as she works as the artist in residence.
Oh, yes, and you can go and draw on paper covered walls
in the main gallery.


  1. It looks gorgeous! your criss cross installation. Congratulations to Richard for the labour and talent required to install the shelving - and of course to you dear Penny, for your amazing dedication to daily practice. You are awesome. xo

  2. Hmmmm - I'm pretty sure the third one on the left in the bottom row is 'off' by about a sixteenth of an inch (sorry, couldn't resist!). How I wish I could come to your show because I'd love to see these in person. They look amazing hung together like that and kudos to Handy Hubby for his efforts towards that end.

  3. An impressive installation! Wish I could see it in person, but probably couldn't keep from touching.

  4. Bravo! They are wonderful. Personally, I think the natural wood complements the art. Just sayin.

  5. Wow, Penny, it looks fantastic!! And those tiny shelves are perfect. xx p.s. I also like the natural wood of the shelves. ;)

  6. Lovely. Like jewels.
    Did you do anything to ensure security? or is it stewarded?

  7. Looks like a magnificent show. Congratulations to hh too. Wish I could have been there.

  8. Handy Hubby came up with a great idea there, and all your work together looks wonderful - there's a nice rhythm to it!

  9. Love this simply elegant solution ...

  10. I would stand for simply ages and soak in the details of your beautiful creative work ~ if only I could visit.

  11. It does look stunning Penny and the shelving works perfectly. xx

  12. WOW....a perfect solution in the installation! Like others, I could spend so much time loving each criss cross. Wonderful!

  13. So beautiful Penny... and a wonderful job of lining the walls with perfectly created pieces on perfectly developed and executed display strips... what a wonderful team you are! So wish I was able to see the two exhibitions... congrats to both you and Sally. bethany


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