Monday, 26 February 2018

Places Where The Edges Are

Whipping around the edges of Stone Pathways

Moving inwards from the edges
Running stitch with white thread creates ripples
my thinking is that stones in a pathway
would be surrounded by speckles of sand or gravel.
So I think I will try a colour thread....
....but it can't distract from the stones.

From stitching to walking

We walked the edge of the Annapolis Basin

Looking backwards towards Annapolis Royal
All of that grassland disappears at high tide.
We are safe atop the dyke
which was built by the French in 17th Century.

Looking inland
they built the dykes to protect the lowlands
that stretch towards the North Mountain.

Where the water's edge gets closer to the dyke
huge blocks of basalt act s protection against erosion.

The Rusty Pups use their noses
to learn about who has come down to the dyke in the night.
They often find snail shells
which the seagulls pick up on the mud flats at low tide
and carry to the dyke where they throw them on the ground
to break through to their dinner.

Leaving the water's edge and moving back inland.

I hope the sun shines for you today.


  1. Wonderful! I wonder why 'dykes' have such a romantic notion for me. Perhaps because they come from a different I'll never know...and so remain the thing of childhood books. Nice to see the Rusty Pups :) It is raining here tonight. We need it.

  2. I think you'll find that the choice of thread and stitch length will give you the speckles without distracting from the stones!

  3. Amazing how those tiny framing stitches add a whole other dimension. Hugs for those rusty pups.

  4. Great pictures. It's looking good outside so far. xx

  5. You have such a beautiful area to walk - and I can understand those RP's noses finding such joy snuffling for fun scents. Will be interested to see what threads you end up using to signify the land.

  6. wonderful progress on the stone story-saw something the other day and thought of you. There is a plant called
    Living Stones, (Lithops species) South Africa. It is a houseplant that looks like a rock!!!lol


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