Friday, 10 June 2016

Early Morning on the Dyke

This little shoreline bird perched on an ancient wooden piling
made sure every critter around knew we were coming.

Even the fox was waiting for us.
This year it is a different fox
who has what I call a paintbrush tail 'cos it looks as if 
he dipped it in white paint.
Not that you can see that here.

Yesterday an eagle was sitting on that wooden piling
today I spotted him soaring overhead.

Today was a foggy beginning enjoyed by the grasses that grow so fast.


  1. What a lovely series of photos. Do the RPs get excited by the fox, or do they nod politely and give each other space?

  2. We have a family of foxes living on the bank behind our apartment buildings - I haven't seen the babies yet but apparently there are three. I think it's amazing that your fox and the RP's are so tolerant of each other.


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