Wednesday, 8 June 2016

A Gathering from Far and Wide

Friday was a gathering to feed the soul of
those who explore the medium of cloth and stitch.

We all gather in the beautiful old barn
Thank you Brenda for allowing us to invade your space every now and then.

Working in a rural province means some of us work in isolation
and it feels so good to get together every now and then
to share our work and process.
Thank you Laurie, Alex, Polly, Celeste, Ute, Jamie, Kate, Lynda,
Margie, Kathryn, Barb, Laureen, Val, Barb, Cathy and Linett
for an inspiring day.
Not all my photos came out well enough to publish so some of you are missing.
I hope to goodness I didn't forget anyone's name though!
I tend to do that nowadays.


  1. What a wonderful place to host your event! Great atmosphere for creative minds!

  2. The space, the light and the engaged hands...lovely! How nice to fit around the beautiful table and just be together.

  3. i am momentarily sad. i realized that i have always stitched alone.

    yesterday i was angry, because women haven't ROARED loud enough through time.

    but i am also tickled pink to be working on the grassy area of "our" landscape. am making ecru stain stitch blobs among the 'dots' printed on the fabric.

    i love stitching with wool yarn! on flat projects. like your runes.

  4. What fun you must have had together!

  5. I would love to find some like minded stitchers to gather with once in awhile. Most that I know are traditional quilters or do embroidery from patterns. How fun it would be to gather like this every now and then.

  6. I'm sure there are like-minded creators around here, but they sure don't make themselves known. I joined an 'embroiderers guild' a couple of years ago and was quite disappointed to find out that all they did was haul what they were stitching along and then simply sit and gossip for the whole time. There was a promise of classes and a speaker or two but nothing every materialized. I can happily sit and stitch at home without having to listen to all the gossip!


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