Sunday, 22 May 2016


I have come home
Home to the ever changing waters of the Basin

Where Rusty pups blend with rusted pillars
and herons fish in the salt ponds hardly noticed
by inquisitive noses.
I say noses because I wonder if their eyesight is fading just a bit
for they are old maids now.

Where springtime blossoms abound.

Looking inland a thin line of last year's bullrush heads
catches my eye.
ideas for marks or stitches on a future piece immediately come to mind.
It feels good to be thinking that way again.
Two weeks with the little munchkin and never a needle and thread
picked up....
For when a toddler goes down for a nap
grandmothers do too!
I didn't realize two weeks away would have the effect it did.
Eagerly entering the studio on my return
pieces on the design wall and fabrics gathered in bundles
looked foreign to me.
What had I in mind when pinning these beginnings on the wall?
It has taken me four days to get back into the groove. 

This piece, this huge piece
had already begun to take shape before I left home
and is now telling me with great conviction what it needs.

It feels good to have cloth in my hands again
Threaded needle being pushed and pulled through layered silk and linen.
Living again with thimble on one finger
and finding it still there as I go to do other chores about the house.
It just becomes a part of you
so familiar that you don't even notice it is there.

Being away has confirmed that, for me at least,
it is so important to immerse myself in the creative process....
To live it every day.
There is no way I can create and grow
just by dipping into it every now and then.
So I am grateful for living far from the madding crowd
close to the woods and tidal waters
that inspires me
and draw me into a window-filled studio every day.

Having said all that
the little munchkin inspires me too
and I will of course be sharing tales of my visit
 after a bit more catching up at home.


  1. Oooh! What a beautiful piece of work!

  2. Absolutely. While you were away, your creative mind was still burbling away making plans and dreaming of possibilities!

  3. thimbles...found myself wearing mine while changing diapers.

    this work. it moooooves.

    and the landscape photo...i want to break out-tear up- some strips and "copy" that. though not the stitching you are thinking of. more just the layers. would that be alright with you?

  4. The piece is so lovely with all the "movements." My remaining "rusty pup" is having issues - I treasure each day with her. Blessings for letting us get a peek at your endeavors.

  5. Yes very beautiful embroidery ... I love your work Penny ... Bravo 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝

  6. Little Munchkins need to be enjoyed while you can, they grow so fast.You big cloth looks fabulous, wish I lived nearer, would love to see your area.

  7. Loved the poetry of the photos and the words. Beautiful setting Reminds me to look at the beautiful places in my environment. Thanks.

  8. This cloth, these colors ... the movement of the whole, the intricacy of it all. Really, I'm stunned by its beauty.

  9. I am revitalized by reading and seeing your work, Penny. Having just spent two days in my Minneapolis spring garden, clearing the brown, snapping the old hydrangea rods, gazing at aged oak leaves amid my blooming dwarf trout lilies... I have come to love the brown and gray amidst color. I'm moved by your ability to find and represent beauty.

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Dayna, and for your kind comments too. Oh, I wish I had a passion for creating beautiful gardens as you obviously do.

  10. I'll bet the rusty pups were overjoyed at your homecoming. And so glad you enjoyed your 'grandma time' - they grow too fast despite our best efforts to freeze them in time so we can enjoy it just a little bit longer.


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