Monday, 23 May 2016

Catching Up With Cutting Room Crumbs

Whilst I was away week nineteen crept up on us

Tiny pebbles and fringes.

Week twenty occurred as I was in the air homeward bound.

The fabric scraps came rom a favourite piece of fabric
used as a wipe-up cloth during a dye session years ago.

Must have been years ago
because there are soft indications of purples and pinks
Haven't used them for years.

Looking back over a string of weeks.
How will I bring these all together into a meaningful piece?
That is what is ruminating in my mind now.
Will they be more meaningful assembled on a scroll
like the Daily Scratchings?
Will they better suite a large rectangular shape?
What about a book?
Or a concertina type format?
How about just hanging them in a long row of individual pieces?
Endless possibilities.
Decisions, decisions!

Week twenty one brings the Crumbs up to date.

A cruciform with a woven heart
on a quiet dotted background.

Have a great Victoria Day, Canada


  1. You'll get the right idea for these pieces as you look at them, I'm sure!

  2. So beautiful Penny... your work drew much attention at the Opening of MY CORNER OF THE WORLD in Stratford... the viewers could not believe the whole quilt was covered (every square inch) with hand stitch...especially SAQA President Lisa Ellis. Taking note, celebrating the artists - a perfect tribute to you! bethany

  3. I really must stop saying how much I love these.Not sure what I would do with them either. I like the idea of a book but they look a bit big.

  4. I find myself catching up more and more as the pre-school grandsons nap less and less. But I'm pretty sure that the time spent fully engaged with them and the time spent napping to recharge, are repaid in full when hands return to cloth and stitch.

    And I love that you do not yet know where this series will end up ... the journey is everything

  5. Your work is so lovely and inspiring. The pebbles and cross are outstanding, literally and figuratively! What are the dimensions of these crumbs? Blessings.

  6. Each one of these crumbs...should that be capitalized like a title?.....anyway, each one has something that grabs me! They are all so different, that grabs me too.

    Maybe a large calendar format? 12 panels hanging, or less, like seasons, a group of 4 panels??? Just more ideas to throw in your hat.

  7. As always the crumbs intrigue. Possible uses - perhaps just loose in a large wooden bowl for the viewer to pick up at whim and enjoy...or if you're concerned about the elements (not that I would ever begin to suggest that there should be any...gasp....dust in your house) how about a beautiful lidded box with them all standing in a row(s) inside?

  8. Difficult decision to make but they are all beautiful. xx


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