Sunday, 1 May 2016

A Change of Medium

Took last weekend off
to spend it with the amazing artist Wayne Boucher and
a group of painters at our Community Art Centre.
The medium used was oil sticks
but I learnt so much more.

Wayne emphasized the importance of our work
being a continuation of the work we had done before.
That made it much easier for me
My paintings would have to reflect the marks of stitchings.

I became enthralled with finding marks and tools to make the marks.
As a complete novice I felt a wee bit overwhelmed
but Wayne was great and encouraged me as I explored my mark making.
I think I need to spend many hours learning this new medium
and mixing colours.

This large piece is what inspired that first painting.
It has been resting on the design wall
because I am in one of those moods.
The mood that brings me to wondering why the heck I do this!
Life might be easier if I wasn't so driven to create in stitch.
But my weekend painting must have been renewing
for I walked in the house, went to the studio
and fell in love with those lines of stitch that reach out beyond the main body of stitch.
This piece might not end up as planned just because of those lines
if not this piece
certainly the next one.


  1. Interesting that another medium has re-sparked your creativity. I know that the more I open my eyes, I realise that inspiration for quilts is all around us.
    The older I become, I now realise that most people seem to have a inner desire or need to express themselves; to stitch, paint, create a garden, or use their energy by competing in sports...we all need an outlet and for some that may be a hobby and for others it is their passion. For you, creating seems to be a passion, and how lucky that you have that drive to create, as it seems that those that have that inner drive are the ones that have amazing work to show for their efforts.

  2. your paintings are marvelous!! i love oil paint sticks. There is a sort of primitive earthiness to your paintings which really speaks to me!! Keep painting!


    I think you had a good teacher. Starting from where you already are - an experienced mark maker - and honouring that rather than trying to make you fit into some respected design theory.

    Your talent shines forth in all that you do. xo

  4. Your paintings are really wonderful. They don't look to me like they were made by a beginner in the keep going!

  5. a truly WonderFULL post, Thank You!

  6. I think we all go through periods of wondering why we do what we do, as I get older especially so, but a new direction, even for a short time opens our eyes and tends to renew our thoughts. I love what you did.

  7. I closely follow your blog and Am fond of your work ... especially your stitches ....
    Thank you for sharing ...

  8. Your wonderful stitched piece has all sorts of beasts and sprits moving through it :-)

  9. I think sometimes a change of focus is a good thing and obviously it worked for you. I embiggned the stitched piece and I must say that I like it just the way it is right now. It looks like little feelers are reaching out into the world. Having said that, I know you will take it further and I'm pretty sure I will like that too.

  10. Sometimes all you need is a change of creative scene to gather your ideas again!


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