Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Working By The Fire

As big snowflakes tumble to the ground outside
there is no time to waste inside
sitting by the fire.

I have returned to this piece that seems 
to want to be called "Low Tide"

I am filling the middle section
with bits and pieces of woven threads.
Perhaps representing the dykes that surround the Annapolis Basin
of perhaps the tops of trees.
I will let people decide for themselves once it is finished.

I believe the mud flats section is finished.

Not so sure about the tree trunk or grasses section.


  1. It will tell you when it's finished!

  2. Lovely work, love the little woven squares and the stitching, well everything really.

  3. Interesting work - I will wait to comment - but I like it already!

  4. So many stitches! Beautiful work!

  5. oh penny! low tides is such an inspiring piece already...i can only imagine how amazing it will be when it is done! the textures, both tactile and visual, draw you in and invite you to sit down and soak it all up.


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