Wednesday, 17 February 2016

The Different Personalities of Ice

Sometimes stalactites form above the stream

Drip drip dripping in a brief thaw.

Sometimes in a thaw it sinks beneath the water
forming ghostly shapes.

Sometimes we wake up to find that overnight
it has formed a clear sheet
across the stream.

 Sometimes it forms crispy crunchy
bits and pieces clinging to stream edges or grasses that
rise above the watery surface.

Sometimes it creates crisp hard lines....

....and geometric shapes.

Sometimes the sun comes out
and reveals interesting warmth beneath the frosty surface.

Someone is watching her ball
it's dangerously close to rolling into the stream.
Often it does!
 and as soon as she realizes
no human is going in there to retrieve it
somehow she finds a way to get to it
further down the stream.
If she didn't manage to retrieve it
it would end up a plaything for the beavers
further down our stream.


  1. It's fascinating to see so much variety just from ice, isn't it...!

  2. Not living in an area that has ice, well once in a blue moon we have a frost heavy enough to leave an icy film on water troughs I found your lovely photos fascinating. Still stitching little things.

  3. Penny...the picture with the ghosts, which i see also, but when i enlarged it and looked again, i see a turtle. the rocks, right in front, the large one the shell and the small one the head.

    These photo's are fantastic.

    We had rare ice formations back in Jan. [here in NW Washington state] Stalagmites? The ice rose up from the surface. But not straight up. I suppose because of gravity, they were titled, rather phallic actually.

  4. I love these pictures. They certainly show the very deep coldness of winter. Hope some hot cocoa was waiting for you when you got home.

  5. I really need to learn to look at winter through the eyes of a photographer, rather than as someone who hates the cold. Your photos make me see that there is beauty there.

  6. Beautiful pictures from someone who really sees; so much inspiration there


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