Monday, 15 February 2016

Little Crumbs

I have made a decision about
my crumbs from the cutting room floor.
I will make one every week of 2016
Each one will have a cruciform in it....
....some smaller than others.

Week three

Week Four
came about because of a thaw....

....turning snow beneath dripping trees
into a spotted carpet.

Week Five

....and Week Six
I do love that Sorbello stitch (down the bottom).

Because my memory ain't what it used to be
I am marking each one on the back.
It might be interesting to see how things change (if at all)

I use a thin cotton as a foundation
(4 1/4" x 6")
and collage bits and pieces from the studio floor....
(of which there are many)
....onto said foundation to better support 
any stitching that might occur.

But of course there are many larger pieces being worked on too!


  1. These are wonderful. It will be interesting to watch the progression over the year.

  2. I love these. What a good idea, to date each one.

  3. An interesting evolution. Looking forward to it!

  4. What a JOY to see these, Penny. Seems we are both making "littles" on a weekly basis - *beady* sketches, for me - and are finding lots of delight in doing so. All best wishes to you for a productive year with your crumbs! ;>))

  5. Great challenge and interpretation.

  6. Great idea to add a cross in each, look forward to seeing them as the year progresses. Like the idea of dating them.

  7. Wonderful! I have found lots of pleasure in doing little bits, so much"room" to experiment. Color choices can be ANYTHING. Speaking of...would a bit from someone else be acceptable?


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