Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Dye Stuff

There are great waves of Queen Anne's Lace
down on the dyke.

But am not sure if I want the colours they produce this time
Should freeze some for the future.

Every day I gather the spent lilly blooms.

Perhaps I will explore what marks they will
add to some silk I am planning for
my black walnut dye bath.

And perhaps I will mordant this lovely
discoloured sheet of copper.

Tansy flowers are also now in bloom
Should freeze some of them too.


  1. Missed you and went back reading
    Love the blob especially
    The time of the year will always be special but as you write....he's always with you!

  2. it's that time of year again, I love to dye with nature's offerings.

  3. A great deal of planning ahead going on here!

  4. I love the sheet of cooper - those colours are amazing.


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