Sunday, 3 May 2015

Eight Months Old

Ashley Rose is a whole eight months old today!
She is trying to walk but doesn't crawl
Perhaps she'll skip the crawl stage all together!
No matter how she does it...
...her world is broadening.

Every now and then the mail man drops a footprint in the mailbox.
This time Donna had turned it into a spring robin.

It has been a reindeer too...

...and a birthday candle holder
so creative!
I am already wondering when I might be allowed to put a
paintbrush in her hand!
I suppose a needle will have to wait a while.

And on this momentous day
I finally spied the return of the osprey.
So thrilled am I.
I thought they might have given up on this nesting site
but just before I took this photo they were both sitting there.
Not very neat housekeepers!
Just like me.
Now I am looking out for the humming birds
better put a feeder out for them
it is still so cold.


  1. Those footprints are very inventive indeed, aren't they!

  2. Such cute a little foot! I especially like the bird :) Maybe you'll get a butterfly soon! I'm glad for the return of your feathered friends. I just captured a sweet hummingbird nesting at work. You can look at her on my blog, she's a beauty!

  3. Ashley Rose is such a beautiful baby, her face seems painted with the finest brushes.


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