Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Thread Control

Some folk might recall my studio clean-up earlier this year.
One of the things I really enjoyed was bringing my messy drawers of threads
under control.
Thanks to a friend who keeps everything I had a bag of cardboard tubes
from various paper products.
I think he thought I was a bit strange wanting to take them off his hands.

As you can see they are keeping my pearl cottons well under control.

My flosses have been an unruly, knotted mess for years
but now most of them are neatly wrapped
around old cereal box cardboard.

A piece of art in itself!

Have to admit I still have some baskets of knotty messes
and I am slowly working my way through them.
But I do enjoy looking at these little dots of colour
as they sit in my drawers.

Another drawer is full of balls and cones of neutrals.
I have a lot of them.
And now after my trip to Halifax, I have more to put in that drawer.


  1. It does all look beautifully organised!

  2. what joy you must have with this activity of sorting and then admiring what has been sorted. it's all good isn't it? Again and again, my mouth falls open when I see what you are up to in your studio. Always beautiful.xx

  3. A thing of beauty! I am so impressed and am nudging myself to follow your lead...my floss is just a bag of tangles...thank you for sharing!!

  4. I can so appreciate all the work in the organization of these beautiful threads! What a great way to use cardboard tubes..wish I hadn't tossed several just days ago.

  5. dang fine organizing
    & photographic eye candy tah boot ;>]

  6. I think the paper tube idea is brilliant.

  7. Getting organized is such a satisfying endeavor! You've got some ingenious solutions here :)

  8. Now i know how to use my tubes up, thank you Penny!!! Some fantastic photographs along the way :-) xxx

  9. The tube idea is fantastic! Very cool solution.

  10. Hello, great idea! Thank you for sharing.
    I took the liberty of mentioning this idea on a French quilters' forum. I hope it's OK. I linked back to this article, of course!


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