Monday, 19 January 2015

Scratching Daily

A week of scratching in snow and rain.

Snow upon ice upon snow upon ice.
I'm seeing red dots....'s dangerous walking nowadays.
Plant your feet firmly on the ground.

Diane came by....
....we played with glue guns.

A mishmash of textures
filled the rest of the week.


  1. The couched glue-trail is an intriguing thought..

  2. love your scratchings for this year!

  3. What's the background in the top photo? looks amazing!

  4. I'm sorry about the weather -- but LOVE last week's scratchings. The glue-trail is so inventive. And the 'mish-mash' is wonderful.

  5. Wonderful work as always, Penny! Love what you've done with the hot glue!

  6. ..ever made snowflakes with a glue-gun??

    ...there's a project for the next freezing day's scratchings!!

    x C

  7. Oh the world of texture 2015!! I really like looking here.

  8. Best use of a glue gun I've ever seen, Penny.
    And your notation/recording/remembrance of that path of evil, well,
    no words ...

  9. oh ooooo......that glue gun playing looks tempting! i have seen other things done with the glue gun, some even for gluing! but this tickles brain cells! i like your version of snow on ice, too.

  10. just read through the other comments....i too saw the word in the work but thought it was a 'typo' of what does it apply to? do i want to know?


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