Wednesday, 12 November 2014


We went to Thornbury whilst in Ontario
We went to see the salmon run
but they weren't on that day.
We walked down the river
looking for that familiar sight of salmon backs
struggling upstream
Not a one there
So we looked at man-made bridges

Quite a "structure"
you Atlantic Canada SAQA girls.

I say that because we have a show coming up next year.

called Structures.
I won't be making something like this
though I love their bold lines
and stark honesty of these forms.
I am staying focussed on my own environment.

At the mouth of the river
people were looking out into Georgian Bay
looking for salmon.


  1. You may be sticking to your own environment - but I'll bet your imagination and creativity was thinking about what you could do with those images.

  2. The size of some timber structures is absolutely breathtaking, isn't it!

  3. waiting for salmon. i wonder when/if they came.


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