Monday, 10 November 2014

Hand Hubby's Birthday

A windy blustery day

with windswept waves on the basin.... windswept they reached the dike.
There is usually quite a large area of salt marsh between the water
and the dike.

But on to the significance of this day.
Happy Birthday Richard!

He's been my honeybunch since 1964
I love him to pieces!


  1. It looks brrry cold up there -- perhaps you should snuggle with your honeybunch! Lovely post.

  2. Happy birthday wishes for Richard! Know that I still have, and appreciate, the coat hanger frame, that you made for us, in one of Penny's fabulous technique classes, in Toronto. I haven't woven anything with it lately, but it's comforting knowing that it will be there, when I'm ready. I believe that we were weaving Tyvek on it, in that class. Thanks!

  3. Happy Birthday to your lucky hubby.
    Hope it's not as cold as it looks out there ! Seems we're due for another winter like last !

  4. And Happy Birthday to Richard from over the water, too!


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