Monday, 17 November 2014

A Week of Laying Low

The only scratchings here at the house

It has been a long slow week

The highlight being Handy Hubby's birthday
followed by a day of remembrance

On Friday we drove up the valley to the eye doctor
and returned in the first snow storm of the winter.
I am still staying at home cancelling everything
trying to stop this coughing virus
from spreading.


  1. There was a lot of that type of virus going around last winter here in Melbourne. Hope you are soon feeling much better.

  2. Impressive work as always ! Hope you are beginning to feel better. I am still in the contagious phase.
    Maybe that's really what is meant by 'tis' the season' ?

  3. Sometimes staying in your nest and just taking each hour quietly is just what the doctor would order. Get well soon!

  4. Sounds like the best plan, better to stay home and get over it. Love your scratching.


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