Monday, 15 September 2014

Time Passing, Time Scratching

It's been a busy week in between
Facetime sessions watching
Ashley Rose!

The hairy woodpecker
dropped by the bird feeder.
Haven't seen him for ages.

On Tuesday the Artist's Way Group
met around a huge sheet of brown paper
on which we placed all our paintings
 outlined them
and recorded which painting would go where.
Hopefully this will help speed up
hanging our show at the end of October.

I have been gathering up fallen apples
and cooking delicious deserts.

Geese are gathering on the Basin.
Very tempting for certain Rusty Pups!

I have been cutting up and stitching greys.
Do you remember fishnet stockings?

On Sunday drawing classes started again
with Louise.
It must be Fall.


  1. What a great idea - preparing your hanging layout in advance!

  2. Sounds like your life it just moving along beautifully. I especially love the Facebook time with Ashley Rose. Oh and I do remember the fishnet stocking - never a good look on me!!! *smile*

  3. Your art and site are inspiring. Thank you.
    Love the dogs too.

  4. Everything sounds delightful; a new baby, art classes, friendship with like-minded people, the geese arriving AND yummy apple desserts!
    PS. I checked out Louise's blog, such beautiful paintings.


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