Friday, 5 September 2014

Sunrise on the Marshlands

We walk as the sun rises
and the marsh hawk looks for breakfast

He then flies off looking for a better vantage point
as the heron wades in shallow waters.

I love this time of day.


  1. We have discovered there are a few bald eagles in our area. If we are lucky we see them near the river. Shot a couple of pictures but they were to high to catch a good shot. When I saw one close, I didn't have a camera. I love the hawks and seeing an eagle was a thrill of a lifetime.

  2. A lot to see, and the quiet to pay attention to it...

  3. I'm part Early Bird and part Night Owl.......thats an unfortunate combination as they don't work well The Night Owl usually wins.. :) But i cherish the mornings i manage to get up early. Lovely photos! Hugs! deb

  4. Surrounded as I am by the throes of nature & her morning salutations on this tiny isle, I deeply appreciate the sunrise time ... but ... am prone to night owl cycles and often miss them. All that being said, there is nothing in the world like greeting the day at sunrise.

  5. Early morning is the very best time of the day. Light seems different then, more golden and seeping into crevices as the sun comes up. The air always seems clearer and cleaner at sunrise. Its well worth being up early so as not to miss any of these mornings.


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