Monday, 1 September 2014

Scratching Through August

August coming to an end
Summer will be changing into Fall

The RP's and I have been disturbing the Marsh Hawks
on our early morning walks
there seem to be herons fishing for their breakfast
at every turn in the dike.

One Rusty Pup as you know is tennis ball crazy
the other prefers to roll on the grass
giving herself a good back rub.
We walked up the mountain for a change
and chased a deer.
Luckily not for very long.
I have been stitching round and around in circles.
Another deadline nearly met.


  1. What wonderful embroidered deer tracks!

  2. Rusty pups and deer tracks - perfect!!

  3. I haven't been able to get here as often as I used to. But, each time I know I will be rewarded with your amazing scratches and other creations. It's a given that I will sigh and feel at home. Your scratchings practice has nestled into a soft spot in my heart, for always...even when I'm not here leaving you comments. I don't forget.


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