Thursday, 18 September 2014

Reflecting on Herons

The sun was strong enough to create reflections
but only just.

Sometimes you can only just see the herons through the long grass.
I have been wondering what the reflection down the right side
of the water is.
Perhaps the mountaintop wind turbine.

Chasing his own reflection. 

Mirror imaging
only just
because I missed most of his reflection.


  1. The herons almost look like grasses themselves!

  2. We have a heron who occupies a pond as we drive out toward the highway - I love him. He's so majestic, especially when he spreads out his wings and so very serious about keeping an eye for 'yummies' in the water below.

  3. I share your fascination with these beauiful creatures. You not only do a wonderful job photographing them, but stitching them too.

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