Friday, 19 September 2014

Fly By

Following the leader
Flying South for the winter
such sensible creatures!

Perhaps not so sensible
you can hear them honking amongst themselves well before
you actually see them.


  1. I've sometimes wondered if they are just gossiping among themselves as they fly so high -- or are they perhaps saying things like "didn't we do the 'vee' thing yesterday?' or 'our leader couldn't keep a straight line if he tried'. Whatever, its a joy to see them sticking to their schedule, fulfilling what their lives are meant to be.

  2. Isn't it wonderful to be able to hear them organize themselves! I will never forget standing in my yard when I lived in Atlanta looking around because of the strange LOUD noise I was hearing. All of a sudden, out of the park next door the geese started to rise. They seem to be telling each other who goes where and they went up in a huge spiral. You could hear them even when they were really high because they don't move in their final direction til they are happy with the order. It was amazing to see and hear. It took a while for them to get organized and then they went off..

  3. Flying south - sensible; making enough noise to attract every predator for miles - not so much!


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