Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Fundy Shore

Fishing huts standing crooked

Making a communal effort to stay put against
shoreline winds

Two of us standing outside
but still inside the window.

 A brand new lobster boat still shiny and new

They will go out again on the next high tide
to gather in their traps

An eagle had made his own catch
and was dining over there on the rocky edge.

Erosion from salt and wind and sea.


  1. Wonderful textures and shapes.

  2. Seasides and dock sides are endlessly fascinating!

  3. Great photos, Penny! Really like the shattered piers and the window shot.

  4. Love these photos. They evoke so many things - both their current textures and faded colors along with thinking about all their use over the years.

  5. The fishing huts are like patchwork...in wood & metal!! Great photos. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Great photos. Love the old, worn & rusted...thrown in with the new sparkling boats.


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