Monday, 17 February 2014

The Mouse is Mightier than the Car

Not necessarily recording events
but certainly recording time.

My car wouldn't start on January first
and it still isn't fixed....
But at least now we know why....
Mice (bless their evil little hearts!)
have eaten their way through all kinds of wires.
The garage is basically taking the car apart
and finding mouse nests everywhere!
We used to keep mouse traps in the car
now we are going to have to think of more creative anti-mouse measures.

Between days of snow
the sun actually came out this week.
Behind the scenes I am working the beginnings of a theme
on pattern interrupted.

After studying the work of Australia's Aboriginal artists
I made a day of dots
raised dots
Interesting texture...
you don't feel the fabric just the little lumps.
Could explore this further.
And of course the week ends with a windy, blustery, snowy day.
Happy Birthday, Brett.


  1. Now there's a hazard of motoring that I had never imagined! Good luck to the garage...

  2. Oh gosh, we have the same problem! Every morning when I start my car, a fat little mouse comes bounding out from underneath it and escapes into the wood stack. They have caused many trips to the repair shop for us. I still think they're adorable though.

  3. Hi Penny, a friend of mine was told to put a pan of hot pepper flakes on the ground under the engine every night...evidently the mice don't like it so won't go anywhere near it and so far the hoses etc. are still intact...

  4. My sympathies! Last winter the same thing happened to me ... wires and hoses shredded. Quite expensive! I've held my breath so far this year. I'm definitely going to try the hot pepper flakes!!!

  5. Maybe you need a big, hungry cat to park itself near your car when you're not using it Penny! They are cute little critters, but this sounds like it'll be expensive!

  6. I so look forward to your recording of time and or events ... lovely! I've recently returned to embroidery and such fun to see these expressive stitches ... hearts, snow, dots and the amazing mice!


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