Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Snow, Relentless Snow

The sun tried to rise this morning....

after yet another night of  marshmallow snow.

It piled thickly to branches

Even the ash branches are piled with deep slithers of marshmallow.
A very clinging snow indeed.


  1. "Marshmallow snow" - what a lovely phrase!

  2. I can hear the Christmas song in my head - "It's a marshmallow world made for sweethearts……." Lovely photos. I miss our snow.

  3. It's been a rather wintry, winter, eh?

  4. Beautiful snow...enjoy for it won't last much longer. I admire your stitching so much and never miss a post. Bad news about the mice and the car. We had a similar thing happen with a farm truck, but it was rats - pack rats that had stuffed the turbo charger full and ate up the wiring. We had it rewired but it cost us a bundle.


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