Monday, 24 February 2014

Scratched Line Dancing

A week of trying out ideas for a piece I have in mind.

Couched rouleaux
stitched in between

On Thursday we received news that my car is a write-off
Destroyed by  mice.
We are still in shock!
We drove it home after a party one night
The next day it wouldn't start
and now it is dead.

The good thing is....
work can now start 
on one of my pieces for a show
with the theme
of patterns breaking down
and revealing new worlds
now that the technique is worked out.


  1. I love your embroidered circles!

  2. Beautiful stitches, love the texture. I can't believe that mice would make their home in your car!

  3. I think I could believe mice causing terminal problems with their sharp teeth - but over a single night? They must have been having quite a party!

  4. Beautiful stitching! Sorry to hear about your car. I'm not sure what kind of mice you have in your area but they sound quite voracious.

  5. Love the colour and line of this. I suppose your long winter has led the mice to being bored and thinking up wicked things to do!

  6. Your work is stunning! A friend of mine had mice in her garage, she had to take her car in because they ate through some of the wires. Sorry that it happened to you.

  7. Bummer - so sorry to hear about your car. Mouse issues here, too, Penny in Pacific northwest USA ... both our cars have suffered varying amounts of damage. I'm using peppermint "sachet" type packets now under the hood - seems to keep them away but I have to remember to take them out whenever I need to go somewhere ;>]]


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