Wednesday, 13 March 2013

If You Were Down On The Dike Today

You would have caught sight of a weathered sentry
standing tall among bushy chaos...

Leaves that amazingly still cling to trees
after a windy winter
and yet
in our woods we've lost about five entire trees....

You would have seen a thick blanket of cloud
kissing the top of the North Mountain....

And you would have seen the scallop fishermen
returning home.
My goodness this one needs a new paint job does it not!


  1. I wonder if the first comment is spam?? It's amazing how some leaves cling so strongly to the trees over the winter - there's a small bush we go by sometimes and there are three or four small trees that have kept their leaves. I'm impressed every time I see them.

  2. That sentry is a truly fantastical fellow, isn't he... And by the way, I've seen boats in worse condition still working!

    1. I know, sometimes they don't even look like they should float!

  3. Each time I see your bay I feel an immense serenity.


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