Monday, 4 March 2013

A Scratching Post

Just keeping ourselves amused between snow storms!

Needle pulling thread

Indigo blue cloth marked with bleach
Indigo blue thread scratching
Sometimes we can learn from using the colours we don't like

Some days bring strange doodles in stitch!

The woods are weighed down with a fresh coat of snow

Ancient scratchings stitched

Ancient pottery markings stitched
That was the week that was


  1. Your scratchings are always an intriguing mixture of the everyday and the anthropological - fascinating!

  2. A peak into your days -- what you were thinking about and/or doing. A lovely diary!

  3. I think your scratchings are wonderful :-)

  4. So fun to see! I feel like the scratchings this year are bigger...bolder than at this time last year. Well, makes no difference...I like them all!


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