Sunday, 10 February 2013

We Were Lucky

We got off lightly
Not the snow we were warned of
but boy, the wind was mighty...
It created lovely snow lines around the house.
Of course the power was out most of the day.
That's why a wood fire is so important in these parts.

On snowy, windy days my mind always goes to the first settlers
and even the war brides.
no electricity
no automatic heating systems
no pumped water
no four wheel drive cars to pop down to a grocery store
Needle and thread would have been a luxury
and books too.
Women had no time for embroidery or reading
their days must have been spent just focussing on survival.
and survive they did
Women are amazing!


  1. keep warm, over there! spring is sprunging here, now, hardly any snow, or frost this year.

  2. On the other hand, they could use their needle and thread to beautify their homes and themselves. They were trained to be resourceful!

  3. Yay women!!
    Thank you for you blog - I am enjoying it so much :-)

  4. We watch the old westerns on TV. I often think about what it would have been to live back then. Actually, I think we did..out west. I don't think I was a pioneer woman though, or maybe I was. Maybe that's why camping is not my idea of a vacation ~lol~

    Glad you missed the worst of the storm. It moved north of us. I'm glad for that too!

  5. Roar indeed! beautiful snow lines :)

  6. ROAR! Glad you got off easy, Penny. Enjoy your snow, we are still being rained on here. -sus

  7. Your reflection about women: this is exactly what I thought this morning standing in my warm flat and looking from the window the meager dusting of snow on the roof. I felt so lucky to live in a different reality.
    Lovely pictures.

  8. Wow that looks like such lovely meringue, or even better the great Aussie pavlova.


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