Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Watching Whales Watching Us!

You have to trust me!
That disturbance in the water
is nothing less than the endangered
Right Whale
There are only  about 400 left in the world
What a privilege to see one.
We did get closer but I never snapped at the right moment!

Here on the other hand is a young humpback
really playing up to the cameras
and causing his mother all kinds of grief I expect

He gave us a sideways view of his tail

and mother would come close and nudge him

then they dove deeper revealing that lovely arched back...

and a flip of the tail.
Each tail has it's own unique markings
which allows researchers to identify every humpback.

All of a sudden in the distance another calf breached
then his mother showed him how to really do it.
(Not a very good photo but the only one I got)

We went in closer
and watched mother teaching her child
how to raise her fin high and smash it down on the water.
Probably trying to get rid of barnacles.

A special day.


  1. A moment..or minutes you just want to live over and over again. It must have been amazing.
    xx, Carol

  2. What a moving experience. Thank you for sharing the photos.

  3. How absolutely wonderful that you were able to see these beauties -- I would probably have been in tears of happiness and awe.

  4. Amazingly beautiful. How very special, indeed!

    I saw Right whales on a whale watch off of Massachusetts once, I didn't realize they were so rare!

  5. wow. glad you saw it AND got some pictures. thanks.

  6. What a privaledge to see them! Great photois too

  7. amazing, I felt quite emotional just reading your account, it sounds breathtaking.

  8. I taught school for a couple months in Pleasant Bay back in 1978 and saw right whales then. Those are amazing pictures! What an experience!

  9. Wow...I'll say it was a special day. All the photos are great - even those you think are not so good.

  10. OHHH, to be a witness to such as this!

  11. A wonderful day, indeed. Even distant encounters like this with wild animals are special.


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