Monday, 6 August 2012

Starting August in Scratches

That was the week

Don't ask me what Monday was all about!
Haven't a clue
Perhaps browns and greys because
dyeing has been on my mind

Handy Hubby and I were like 
ships that pass in the night
The only time we saw each other was
waving to each other from our cars.
Thursday was to honour
the abundance of echinacea
colouring the flowers beds in glorious yellows.

I found inspiration in my kantha books.
Stitches about all these Olympians coming together to compete.

at the crack of dawn 
the Rusty Pups and I walked above the clouds
to the quarry
where we disturbed two large birds
Hawks I think. 


  1. Golly I wish there was a place to walk near me that could take me above the clouds. I have been in the Blue Ridge Mountains and that was like being near Heaven. Hard to get that euforia in a cornfield ~lol~ especially now when they are barely shoulder high.
    xx, Carol

  2. a delightful week of scratchings! it has been such a joy watching your daily scratchings unfold...and i just know it will continue to be through the rest of the year, too! not only are there whispers of wonder and joy contained therein...but also of determination and dedication! i am, as always, in awe of you, penny!

  3. Love your scratchings - not only for the stitching itself, which is wonderful, but they way your mind and eye capture a day's events (or even non-events). Its just so wonderful.

  4. What a fantabulous set of "memories", love love love your scratchings and their stories... glad I happened upon your blog a while back! Hugs.

  5. Love those rusty tails, and the ships are really charming!


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