Thursday, 23 August 2012

Skins of Ancient Trees

Still standing but only with the support of others
a hollow tree with only the bark remaining

I'm sure it provides shelter for many a woodland critter

mosses have settled on it's outer skin

all wrinkled and gnarled

Some bits look more like pebbles than tree bark.

Apologies for not responding to comments at the moment
but hosting visiting family leaves not much spare time!


  1. Thanks for sharing even more cool pictures. You needn't worry about us hearing from you. We enjoy the visit here, as you are enjoying your surprise visit!! I'm sure you are thrilled.
    xx, Carol

  2. I'm so enjoying the walks in the woods and along your shoreline. No comments necessary - just the sharing of these sights is enough.

  3. So many fascinating textures in such a small area, aren't there!

  4. The old tree is beautiful, I am sure that you will get inspired by its skin and that you will embroider something spectacular.

  5. Isn't Mother Nature amazing? Thanks for sharing what you see thru your lens.


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