Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Hot and Humid Even Before the Sun Comes Out

Early morning
no sun to be seen
nothing but low, low clouds
not a breath of air
hot and humid
that was one sticky walk!

But the funny thing was
RP Shandy
stopped and scratched her neck
Called her to me
Checked her for ticks
Nothing there.
This repeated three more times
Then realization
She had her sister's collar on
Called RP Kayla
Swapped collars
No more scratching.
That's one fussy Rusty Pup!

Back at the ranch
Unwrapped the bundle with red blobs
I'd forgotten
The red was from Eucalyptus.

Nothing very exciting
But after mordanting in an iron bath
things got more interesting
I'm into greys at the moment.

Pebbles holding
things down in the summery sun.


  1. There are certainly some intriguing shades and patterns coming from your bundles!

  2. Funny about the dogs. Junior doesn't care what collar he gets as long as he goes!
    xx, Carol

  3. ah, took me a little to decipher rp- so they have names AND like their own collars!

  4. We are at that time during the summer too where our mornings are not as cool.....i miss them.....not a breath of air, everything so still...waiting...for what? Oh yeah, Autumn! Hugs! deb

  5. Hi, Penny. Interesting results your getting in your bundles. I, too, like gray (ever since I found myself with white hair at 40!).
    best, nadia

  6. I'm with Shandy -- always wear your own collar!!!

  7. mmmm - nice bundle openings! I must admit shades of grey (and rust) are ones I particularly like.


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