Thursday, 16 August 2012

Goosey Gatherings

Honking gaggles of geese
flew in over us from every angle
over the marshland

over Annapolis Royal

Over Fort Anne

One noisy honker was white
Do you see him?

Half an hour later
as we returned from our walk
I wondered if we would see them again.
And then from behind the long grasses
a couple appeared

Then more followed 

and more
and even more.
What I liked was the random patterns they formed on the water.
But you must be bored with all these goosey photos!
They were gathering on the basin
seems very early in the season
Wonder if they know something we don't.


  1. Wonderful. I adore geese. The huge flocks (? maybe there's another word for gatherings of geese?)are back on our local lake that I walk around each morning with Rosie the Wolfhound. I love their noisy honking - they gather on the lake quietly, then one starts to chatter and the others join in and then they all take off, honking all the while, to land in another stretch of water or in a nearby field. It's like they're deciding amongst themselves where to go next and who's going to lead the way! They're part of the backdrop to my life.

    1. Before I got to your last sentence I was thinking I would respond by saying they are part of the fabric of our lives up here in Canada aren't they.

  2. I like em. They used to come here in the summer, then head south for the winter. But with all the building that has gone on here, there are water retention ponds everywhere and they stay all winter now. People complain because their droppings contaminate the water. Terry can't keep them out of his pool at work. Many call them a nuisance here, but I like em.
    xx, Carol

    1. And boy do they create mountainous droppings! Not so good in urban areas. In Ontario where our boys grew up it was not unusual that soccer games had to be cancelled because the droppings were so bad at times!

  3. Growing up in PA/NJ area they were apart of my childhood. Every fall i'd see and hear them overhead in 'V' formation headed south. A changing of the season , a changing of the guard. I have rarely seen them in my adult life. But i treasure each time.

    Ofcourse i've always dealt with them in a fairytale setting, i've never had to deal with the droppings!

  4. yes, everything's out of sync this year--

  5. Yesterday morning I saw a swath of big-winged shadows go by, I peered out and up and saw that the geese were gathering. I pondered that, as, yes, it seems early.

  6. The red buoy provides just the right punctuation in those photos!

  7. Hi Penny,
    I see the white one ... I've also seen a white heron, with a few others, in the catch basin just this side of Fergus.
    Looks like you are having a great summer.

  8. Geese are a daily sight from our windows - the young ones are starting to exercise their wings getting ready to fly. Last fall we had such fun watching them actually practice their take-offs and landings, complete with much loud honking and massive preparations.


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