Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Colours from the Garden

Raw silk
always eager to soak up the colours

Finally colour on cotton

Coreopsis and Sumac
among other garden pickings

It took two dye session
and an iron mordant in between.

One thing I'm learning
if at first it comes out pale and boring
just dye again and again and perhaps again!


  1. ah beautiful colours and marks, I have a few need to go back in the dye pot, thanks for the tip...

  2. you're right..patience and again again and again....did you nitice how thankful cotton is?
    My best results on cotton....

  3. I've discovered that increasingly it's layers of detailing or colour that create the best effects. Given that my natural tendency is to stop too early in tweaking designs, this just means I have to learn to ignore what I always thought was my better judgement!

  4. Lovely, Penny...tenacity rules the day ;>]]
    I seem to have more trouble with cotton than anything else and I thank you for the reminder to over-dye. I mean really, just how loooong can a cloth hold out before it meets its *marker* ?!?!

  5. your description of the process reminds me of the colored pencil work i used to do. slowly building layers until it finally coalesces into something wonderful...and wonderful is how your fabrics came out!! so much depth and life!


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