Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentine Scratchings

Happy Valentine's Day!
Surprise, surprise...
today's scratchings are heart shaped.

However my favourite so far was scratched a couple of days ago.
I decided to do the cretan stitch
but make it higgledy-piggledy
and change all the proportions.
Now that is scratching!


  1. Some of your scratchings look positively runic!

  2. THAT is one of the reasons I love your work. Its so unconventional, eclectic and comforting. You imperfect stitch line is your own perfection.
    Happy Valentine's Day. Give the Rusty Pups an extra hug from me.
    xx, Carol

  3. such sweet little hearts, HStVD for you.

  4. Gorgeous, Penny! As always, a feast for the eyes. Do we ever get to see the whole piece? It must be huge by now!,

  5. oh how sweet. hope you have a sweet day.

  6. think most hearts go higgledy-piggledy as well...the cretan stitch looks like it is galloping along a path

  7. Penny this looks wonderful! Love that bit of red warming it all up.

    Happy Valentine's everyone :)

  8. Happy Valentines Day - your hearts are wonderful - and I especially like the Cretin stitch scratchings. I'm in a sort of 'random' mode these days and this stitch is perfect for that.

  9. Wonderful! I love your hearts, but the Cretin stitch scratchings are fabulous! Happy Valentine's Day! xo

  10. Those hearts look like they could be a new font!

  11. The higgledy-piggledy cretan stitch is the best!


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