Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Stitching Some Sunshine into Snowy Winter Days

The sun has been hidden by thick snow-filled clouds for the last couple of days
so I sat in front of the fire
and stitched lots of my own sun rays.

As I stitched I thought of my Mother
whose name was Ray.
My grandparents named her that
because they thought of her 
as their ray of sunshine.
The funny thing is she very nearly married a man
whose surname was Ray!
But luckily my father swept her off her feet instead.

A lot of logs have gone on the fire
over the last few snowy days
but I had to rescue this one

and examine it closer...

and closer.


  1. fabulous rays and a log transformed into interesting.

  2. and i think the next examination will be on cloth or paper. love lichen shapes

  3. Oh Penny you never cease to be an inspiration! Love the stitching and the photos.

  4. the lichen looks rather like coral...wonder if the 2 are related??

    really really like your sun rays!!

  5. the lichen has its own rays. too funny about your mum, nearly Ray Ray.

  6. Gorgeous work, Penny. Just to round off your story, my father's name was Ray :-)

  7. I love your stitching and the examination of the lichen on the log.

  8. Lovely stitched rays. The idea of stitching by the fire is such a wonderful one, I'm green with envy!

  9. Wow: re stitching.

    Ha! : re Ray Ray

    Hoo Ray for you, Penny

  10. Wonderful stitching Penny!
    The valentine scratchings are so sweet ....
    And that bird feeder robber: very clever (hungry) guy (or girl ofcourse)

  11. Ahhh, you brought a little sunshine into my day today (and since it was grey and dreary here it was very welcome).

  12. Amazing stitching here Penny, beautiful.


  13. Sunshine on a winter's day is such a gift and your's brightened my day. Thanks! I love the lichen and moss on the log. One of the best parts of helping Dad stack wood was to look at all the patterns. (He wasn't too crazy about me having "pet" logs that were too pretty to burn. lol!) Wishing you a little sunshine this weekend.

  14. Love your looking closer...hope sunshine comes your way soon.

  15. At least if her name ended up being Ray Ray she wouldn't have had any trouble remembering it - too funny. Your rays are so cheery.


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