Saturday, 11 February 2012


Granville Ferry reflected on a perfectly smooth Annapolis Basin
Looking like little Lego houses gathering around a mirror
to work out who's the fairest of them all!

As you look down the coast
houses start petering out
and at some point down that road you'll find my home.
It's the oldest road in Canada
and to our surprise the Pony Express
used to ride down this finger of land
and hop on a ferry to the Eastern States.

That was yesterday
a glorious sun filled day
but today we're expecting about 12" snow!


  1. oh favorite kind of image. and love hearing the history of your local. stay warm.

  2. Beautiful spot! Interesting history. I was just speaking with a friend about how the stories of places are so amazing. And wondering about how much oral history was lost as we settlers came here and destroyed the people and with them their stories. Only light snow here today.

  3. What a lovely place to live (without the snow, maybe!)

  4. At first I thought you were talking about Vancouver, BC as there is a Granville Island that has a wonderful artist community. I love the reflection of the the houses on water. Keep warm and wishing you a beautiful weekend. Sounds like you will be stitching and watching the snow. xo

  5. Such beauty 'round your neck of the woods, Penny.
    And that snow? Well, just another excuse to take more snow photos with your fur ones ;>}]

  6. It all looks so peaceful and tranquil. I love the story of the pony express - coming from the western states I've always been enthralled with the pony express.

  7. there's those little houses again, i'd love to visit one day. but wait - where were you when you took the shot?

  8. I was also where you were when you shot the photo. I hate the snow, but really, 12" here would slow us all down and we need that once in a while.


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