Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Cold Effects

Frozen shoreline

Frozen waterfall

Frozen Stream

Huntress frozen in time

Flapping ears frozen on film

Cheeky raccoon frozen in the act of petty thievery. 


  1. Those waterfalls are Nature's art. So neat that they are near and you can enjoy the sight often. They would make a great stitching.

  2. LOVE the raccoon! When my daughter was VERY young, she told me about raccoons, " they are a bad boy, but they have a pretty face!" Well said. Nice work, Penny.

  3. I've noticed lots of those rock faces with ice streaming from them on my morning commute. But things are melting around here, warm, springlike feeling to the air. Its nice, actually, to see something that looks more like winter!

  4. Those frozen waterfalls are amazing...I'm not sure if I can recall seeing a waterfall as if frozen in time like that....beautiful!

  5. ice images are my favorite and i love today's sketch.

  6. I have never seen such a thing as those amazing frozen waterfalls! Wow!

  7. wow that is sooo cold, even a frozen shore, i can't imagine it. nowhere down here could that possibly happen.
    good luck with finding info on knitting fabric baskets, there's not much.

  8. Carol...Oh yes, great stitching potential.

    Carolynn...your daughter hit the nail on the head or should that be the raccoon on the head.

    Valerianna...Warmth up here would suit me just fine!

    Missouri and Nancy...Yes, the stream was still spilling over the edge but any water was frozen by the bottom of the fall.

    Thanks Deanna.

    Kaite...but I see there's lots of water in certain parts down there again.

  9. i've been feeling really really frozen lately myself.

  10. HOORAY for flapping ears...aren't our fur pals the best at making any weather more enjoyable?!?!


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