Thursday, 2 February 2012

An Artist Date

The two young folk and I dropped by the Arts Centre.
Mark sat and read about Tom Thompson.
Donna and I played with materials we're not used to.
My Dad loved washes over ink and we did too.

Chalky pastels...a bit too messy for me!
But the oil pastels were fun.

I'm counting these as daily sketches
since spending time with the kids
is so precious this week.


  1. Enjoy those kids and YES these count!

  2. Absolutely, these count. The pen and wash is lovely!

  3. Sounds like a great day - glad you could do something creative with your visitors! Precious time for you. xxoo, sus

  4. out of sight but never out of heart ...

  5. Our family lives out west - so we don't get near enought time with them. It is all the more precious when we have it. Enjoy!!

  6. I am experimenting with chalk pastels myself in these days, not easy!
    I should try ink + wash it looks so effective.


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